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Italian Tubular Wire Mesh Ribbon: The possibilities are as unlimited as the colors are beautiful!

What is it? Metallic lace ribbon, tubular mesh beading ribbon, wire ribbon, tubular metallic mesh ribbon, brass mesh ribbon… Known by many names, this product is very popular with Jewelry Designers and crafters throughout Europe and is quickly becoming a must for creative-minded people everywhere.

The 6mm and 20mm tubular ribbon made in Italy is woven from brass, copper and/or aluminum and is coated in enamel and lacquered to prevent color change. It is water proof, heat resistant and nickel free. It has a light, fabric-like texture and is comfortable to wear against one's neck. Unlike heavier textured products made elsewhere, the Italian Wire Mesh Ribbon that we carry does not feel scratchy against the skin. It can be used as a ribbon to support a pendant, as a tube with beads or other cords carefully inserted inside it or it can be fluffed out to nearly 3 times its original size, creating beautiful ruffles, swirls and waves. It can be twisted, knotted and pulled into just about any shape. Weave wire into it, attach crystals, sew beads onto it…you can even needle-felt it with yarn! And this versatile product is certainly not limited to just jewelry design. Think of the possibilities for scrap booking, card making, polymer clay projects (bake it right in!) … The possibilities are truly endless!

How can I use it? For some inspirational ideas on how to use this versatile product, visit our "Recent Projects" page. For specific instruction, visit our "Tips & Tutorials" page. And to begin creating, visit our various product pages, listed below. Just click on an image to visit that category. Enjoy!!

Italian Tubular Wire Mesh Ribbon: The possibilities are as unlimited as the colors are beautiful! Italian Tubular Wire Mesh Ribbon and Silk Ribbon: A beautiful combination!
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